Training for teachers

Training is teaching, or developing in oneself or others any skills and knowledge that relate to specific useful competencies.
The just concluded training of grade 6 teachers for the K-12 Curriculum at the Skyrise Hotel in Baguio City shows that teachers need to have a useful experience through a training called professional development. This is for them to maintain, upgrade and update skills to improve performance in the workplace or school especially in developing the pupils holistically to be lifelong learners as stated in the Department of Education (DepEd)’s mission.
Being trained, teachers need to share and extend all the learnings and knowledge they have learned during the six-day training to the pupils and even to other teachers. In doing so, the 21st century skills, like communicative skills, creative skills and ICT skills among others, and strategies taught by the able facilitators will be enacted and not put into waste.
Let us then transform our class into a 21st century class that involves everyone interactively so that there will be no pupil left behind. Lillie Addag-Vinluan, Quirino Hill Elementary School


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