La Trinidad , Benguet Local entrepreneurs continued to innovate. The on-going Strawberry Lane have attracted a number, offering varieties of products with spike of strawberries. Pastries, wine, jams are sold, offering unique creations. An eye-catching and mouth-watering pastries on display by Cherry Blossom Bakeshop. Catalina Cho, owner of Cherry Blossom Bakeshop, has been running the business for 20 years.

Their Its special “Choco Moist” and “Strawberry Moist” would not only make you keep coming back to Strawberry Lane, but also will keep you craving for more, as their not-so-sweet pastries are very affordable at 35 pesos per slice and 800 pesos per whole (10×16 in). The name “Cherry Blossom” came from Playboy Magazine, according to Catalina, who along with her trusted partner Rosita Francisco ,occupy a spot at Strawberry Lane, yearly.

She said her business grew after she took over from the previous owners of the bakeshop, along with her trusted partner Rosita Francisco, they occupy a spot at Strawberry Lane, yearly. Catalina added that with her bakeshop business, she was able support the education of her three adopted children, and some home renovations. Guaranteed that their produce is well crafted and fresh, Catalina and Rosita made sure that their ingredients and process are on point. With their other products such as chiffon, moist, oatmeal strawberry, cinnamon strawberry roll, strawberry muffin, and strawberry pande (strawberry stuffed bread), Cherry Blossom Bakeshop would surely satisfy your sweet tooth.

Carl Agassi Paterno/UB-Intern

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