A teacher is a learner’s mom

Recalling five years ago after how many months of teaching a batch of learners, I received a text message from one of them saying, “Mom, may pasok po ba bukas?” (Mom, do we have learning sessions tomorrow?). I thought he just misspelled the word Ma’am so, I decided to catch his attention about that matter so he won’t repeat the same mistake later. The next day, he came to class early so I talked to him and showed him the correct spelling of the word Ma’am or Madam but, I was surprised when he said he is aware of that. Accordingly, he purposely addressed me “Mom” for he really considers me as his mother and not just his teacher. In some ways, I have changed his way of thinking about the world, which is quite negative, that he had realized his worth and his confidence has gotten into a higher level he never expected through my words of wisdom and encouragement. I was about to say, “E ‘di wow!” jokingly but, I saw the sincerity on his face. I was then left speechless with his testimony.
He is now a successful young man and one of the leaders in a higher institution that provides avenues for youths and adults to acquire or hone their skills and be a part of the community that gives best services to people. Until now, whenever he sends me a message, he still calls me “Mom”.
A teacher is a great influence to her learner like a mother is a great influence to her child. A teacher develops her learner, as a mother nurtures her child. A teacher understands her learner, as a mother understands and listens to her child. I will hold on to these realizations of me being a teacher and will practice them always.
Even up to these days, there are learners who use the same word when asking or informing me about something through a text message. Whether they misspelled Ma’am to Mom, whether they mean it or not, it will not change my belief that yes indeed, I am not just a teacher but I am also my learner’s Mom. JULIET DONATO-PIOK, Alternative Learning System – Lucban District

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