THE FAMOUS list of the “You know you are from Baguio if” spread like wildfire through the internet years ago, I do not know who to attribute the list to but, of course, insanely thankful to its author as it offered a nostalgic backtrack for most of us. This new list, patterned to the original, is likewise a compilation of thoughts composed through the
course of a boring night, conversations with drunken friends, ironic observances and irritating facts which will
distinguish you from the migrants which have embraced this city as their home. Through the years, tell-tale signs of residency are stamped into our beings, embedded in our psyches and etched in our souls making us certified residents and lovers of Baguio. Here are 30 tell tale signs you are from the city.

Your checklist of residency
1. You still DON’T wear the woven bonnets with flowers bearing the “Baguio City” lettering.

2. You know that strawberries don’t grow on trees.

3. It’s common knowledge that Pizza Volante was a former Movie House.

4. You remember that there was a Station 120 atop Session Road where you ogled at the Star Wars mannequins.\

5. Gimbals was the place to be during weekends.

6. There was only one CID Bookstore which had everything you needed for school.

7. Benedicts was the place to hang out in if you wanted to watch Guns and Roses music videos while having a drinking contest with friends gulping pitchers of Red Horse beer.

8. There was a “Papelmelrotti” shop at La Azotea where recycled paper products could be bought, now it’s at Porta

9. You called La Azotea “LA.”

10. Before there was SM City Baguio at Luneta Hill you hung out at FRB at the University of Baguio and Maharlika because it was cool.

11. You went to Luneta Hill (where SM is now) to stargaze or go ghost hunting with friends, dodging the security guards.

12. Long Johns at Marosan’s Market branch cost P1.

13. Girls High and Holy Family was called H… ….f…..ers and Girls for Hire.

14. There was hazing at Boys High.

15. Tesoros at Assumption Road made the best meringue and hot pan de sal.

16. You ate at Tummy Fillers and loved their Baked Mac.

17. You had lunch at Maharlika Food Court.

18. You know that there is a shortcut going to Diego Silang if you pass through the vacant lot at
Session Road.

19. There were a lot of balloon vendors at Church on Sundays, where balloons were sold with strings and not the plastic stick.

20. Ukay Ukay and Wagwagans were called thrift shops.

21. You wanted to have yourpicture taken by a Burnham photographer, who would take your photo and come back with it a few minutes after.

22. You know where Shoppers Lane is and use it as a shortcut to go to Center Mall.

23. You don’t get scared when earthquakes lower that 7.4 occur.

24. You know a lot of recipes involving sayote.

25. You know the man begging for alms at Session Road is a fake but you give him money anyway.

26. You know that there is a Manila Laundry at the Market area where you can have your clothes dry cleaned.

27. You don’t gawk at artistas.

28. You can drink “gin bulag” without flinching.

29. You have no qualms walking to where you are supposed to go.

30. During the Flower Festival, you become popular with relatives and friends you aren’t really close to.

The list could go on and on and we hope that we could add to it the coming months, enjoy! And Happy 113 Birthday Baguio City, thank you for being our home.


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