The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) District Office in Baguio said Friday (March 10) that it has surpassed its tax collection in 2022. In an interview, Celestino Viernes, head of Revenue District Office (RDO)-Baguio, reported that its total collection for 2022 recorded at P3,787.085.64-Billion (Bn), surpassing its P3.369 Bn goal. “Baguio taxpayers are compliant,” Viernes said, a newly-installed head of RDO Baguio last November.

Viernes attributed the increase of its 2022 tax collection on the easing up of travel protocols in the Summer Capital, lifting the operations of several business establishments. The BIR official added that the increase of gross domestic products also contributed the high collection of taxes, and also the impact of inflation. “The City Government of Baguio through the leadership of Mayor Magalong is very supportive, “ Viernes said.

He pointed that the city’s efforts in paying withholding taxes. “Fifty percent of our goal collection comes from the city,” Viernes stressed. Notably, RDO-Baguio’s tax administration has improved, credited to BIR’s platforms especially its digitalization programs such as e-filing; e-payment (g-cash). Midway in the interview, Viernes, revealed the text message he received from Mayor Benjamin,expressing the latter appreciation to the tax collection efforts of RDO-Baguio. Magalong vowed his support to RDO-Baguio’s programs and activities . Meanwhile, BIR-Baguio collected P615.586 million for the period of January-February 2023.

Primo Agatep/ABN

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