Cops looking for rebels found over half a million cannabis instead


BAGUIO CITY (June 21, 2022) – Policemen patrolling mountains in remote sitio Dinemeg, Tacadang in Kibungan town in Benguet were looking for communist rebels for days.

But Monday afternoon, instead of finding a bloody firefight,  they found P600,000 worth of marijuana stalks instead.

Cordillera police said Benguet policemen stumbles into five kilograms of dried marijuana stalks at a 100 square meter plantation tucked in at a communal forest around 3:30PM Monday.

Immediately,  policemen gathered the MJ stalks and put it ablaze after documenting the find.

No cultivator was holed in by the patrolling policemen.

Tacadang, a very remote village reached only by foot for a good five-hours, remains as the hotbed of illegal marijuana plantations.

Detection of the plantations by authorities has remained a challenge over the years, anti-narcotics agents claim, aside from difficulties in zeroing on those responsible for such plantations because they are located on public lands erasing any trace on identities of those taking care of these illicit agriculture.

Artemio A. Dumlao