In affirmation of his passion in arts, and abudance of works and collection, Baguio Councilor Leandro Yangot Jr. opens own art museum. The art museum is located at the city councilor’s own house in Bengao, Bakakeng Central. It will officially open on April 25. Admission is fee. In an interview, Councilor Yangot Jr., said the art museum will serve as a platform for dialogue and understanding of various artistic paths, and for environmental advocacy. At the sideline, this writer witnessed the place adorned with broken tiles on the walls, artworks made from fallen wood during typhoons, indigenous clocks, deities, and wire arts.

Those are just some of alderman works and collections of artifacts, as well as works by his fellow artists from the
Cordillera. The entire art museum is made from recycled materials and what sets it apart is all the lights installed are solar-powered. “I would like Baguio, being a creative city, to be environmentally conscious, and that we should do our part in the preservation and conservation of our environment, which is why we are pushing for the use of solar energy,” Yangot Jr. stated. Councilor Yangot Jr. urged the public to come up with creative hubs to promote the public’s love for art and culture. “We are encouraging everyone to offer their spaces as possible, creative hubs or creative spaces, people from the private sector to do the same,” Yangot Jr. said.

Tsidkenu Denise F. Ignacio / UB Intern

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