Anthony De Leon, president of Hotel and Restaurant Association of Baguio (HRAB) president called on tourism
industry players and stakeholders to invest in human resources alongside tourism development. The focus on investing in human resources supports the current trend in the tourism industry of responsible and sustainable development. Investing in soft projects like investing in labor and staff development by providing them immediate access to coaching, mentoring, and experiential learning opportunities, can increase the career path of the
employees that can provide a better tourism experience.

“Investment is not only on the hard projects but on the soft projects,” De Leon said in his presentation at the Tourism Investment Forum 2024 held recently at the Cordillera Convention Center – Baguio Country Club. De Leon, who is also BCC general manager suggested that investment in the tourism industry is not only a matter of
constructing infrastructures. The investment should include a full-scale strategy comprising training programs,
capacity building, and other measures to enhance the service provision in the tourism and hospitality industries.

“By harnessing the power of strategic investment, collaboration, and innovation, we can unlock the city’s and the
Cordillera region’s full potential as a premier tourism destination, enriching lives, empowering communities, and creating lasting prosperity for future generations,” he stressed. Through developing a highly professional workforce and excellence in service, destinations in Cordillera such as Baguio City may receive more tourists while ensuring their high level of service delivery, thereby promoting the long-term growth and sustainability of the goal.

Thus, one of the BCC’s future expansions is the Forest Hills Academy. A boarding school that focuses on hospitality, tourism, and culinary arts. “So the idea there is to provide scholarships for the children of the employees and outsiders… And these are the future employees of the club. We’re training them. We’re teaching them. Then
we’re going to hire them,” De Leon said.

Princess Stephanie N. Buraga / UB Intern

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