The Provincial Government of La Union through the Office of the Provincial Treasurer and Office of the Provincial Assessor hosted an awarding ceremony to recognize the outstanding contributions of the local assessors and treasurers in the province. The ceremony, held at the La Union Convention Center, brought together the municipal assessors, municipal treasurers, and respected guests to honor their remarkable achievements in the field of assessment and collection.

The Recognition of the Top Performing Local Government Unit (LGU) in Local Revenue Generation in the Province of La Union FY 2023 recognized all 20 component LGUs of the province in different major and special categories. These awards were granted based on their outstanding performances in the collection of local taxes and assessment
of real properties. In the collection efficiency for Real Property Tax, the top LGUs were the Municipality of Bauang for Category 1, the Municipality of San Juan for Category 2, and the Municipality of Caba for Category 3.

While on the highest assessment efficiency rate, the top 3 LGUs are the Municipality of Bauang, the Municipality of Caba, and the Municipality of San Juan. These municipalities have displayed tireless efforts by conducting a re-assessment and discovering new real properties. The event commenced with a message by Gov. Raphaelle Veronica “Rafy” Ortega-David conveyed by Vice Gov. Mario Eduardo C. Ortega, “On behalf of the whole Provincial Government of La Union, nais kong ihayag ang aming taos-pusong pasasalamat sa iyong pagsusumikap at dedikasyon sa pagtiyak na sapat ang ating revenue collection upang patuloy pa nating maisakatuparan ang ating mga
mithiin para sa probinsya.

Good revenue collection means better projects and programs that would address the needs of our kaprobinsiaan”, she commended. Board Member Victor I. Rivera, Provincial Treasurer Janet D. Molina, and Provincial Assessor Engr. Arnulfo A. Cacho also took the stage to deliver inspirational messages acknowledging the invaluable contributions of assessors and treasurers.

They commended their dedication, professionalism, and commitment to excellence. This event marks a momentous milestone in recognizing and honoring the exceptional contributions of the local treasurers and assessors. It serves as a testament to the important role they play in maintaining transparency, fairness, and accuracy in the valuation of properties and collection of tax levies.

William Garcia IV, GPC-OPAss and Alyssa A. Samarro, GPC-PTO

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