The landscape of journalism has undergone a shift, while the tri-media once reigned supreme, the digital revolution has brought with it a new set of challenges that threaten the very foundation of a free press: press freedom. Newsrooms, eager to capture the ever-evolving audience, have migrated to platforms that, unfortunately, are prime targets for cyberattacks. Digital security and safety have become paramount concerns. Hackers can manipulate content, steal sensitive information, or even shut down entire operations.

This constant threat compromises the integrity of journalism, shifting the focus from quality content to simply
churning out stories to maintain a digital presence. This race for quantity over quality isn’t the only threat. The “weaponization of laws” has further jeopardized journalists’ safety. Libel and cyber libel suits, often wielded by powerful entities to silence dissent, create a chilling effect, hindering investigative journalism. Fear of legal repercussions discourages reporters from pursuing important stories.

Journalists must be empowered to “push back” against state-sponsored intimidation and attacks. Laws that curtail press freedom must be formally challenged. Fighting back against libel suits and advocating for the repeal of
oppressive legislation are crucial steps in reclaiming journalistic space. The role of academe needs to be strengthened as it is the institution which nurtures generation of journalists Welltrained journalists equipped with the skills and knowledge to navigate the digital threatscape are essential.

The issue of journalist welfare cannot be ignored. Calls for a living wage and career security are justified coupled
with transparency regarding media company finances is critical, allowing journalists to make informed choices about
their careers. The digital age presents undeniable challenges, but it also offers opportunities. Journalists have the potential to reach a wider audience than ever before through social media platforms. However, monetizing content and creating engaging social media strategies are crucial for journalists to build sustainable careers.

The fight for press freedom is an ongoing battle. By acknowledging the threats, implementing proactive measures, and advocating for legal and financial reforms, journalists and media organizations can reclaim their rightful place as the watchdogs of society, ensuring a free flow of information essential for a healthy democracy.

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