Nine establishments, six of which were good businesses, had been subjected to closure proceedings due to unsanitary condition of their operations since January this year. Engr. Bryan Charles Carame, head of the Environmental Health and Sanitation Division of the City Health Services Office, said that of the six food establishments, two were engaged in taho production, two in lumpia
wrapper production, one pizza production and one kakanin production.

The three others were sarisari stores. Some of these establishments have reopened after complying with the recommendations and correcting their infractions under the guidance of the division.
Carame said monitoring still continues to ensure that they will not repeat their misdeeds. Last Oct. 10, 2023, a a lumpia wrapper factory at Hilltop Market was closed down by the Business Permit and Licensing Office (BPLO) assisted by the Public Order and Safety Division by virtue of a closure order issued by Mayor Benjamin Magalong.

The lumpia factory was found to be operating under unsanitary conditions as per the result of inspections conducted by the sanitation division. It was also found to be operating without a business permit and thus has not been paying regulatory fees and business taxes. Also last September, a taho factory at Brookside barangay was flagged by the sanitation division also due to unhygienic condition and for causing air pollution.

The division responded to a complaint of excessive smoke coming from the factory causing nuisance in the neighborhood. A Sanitary Order and Notice of Violation were issued to the establishment which was directed to comply with sanitation standards and to stop using coconut husks for cooking to avoid excessive smoke within three days. Carame said the division will continue monitoring establishments in the city to ensure the health and safety of the city’s populace. Violations may be reported to the division at tel. no. 074- 4449217.

APR/ PIO-Baguio

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