“CPP on its 55th year”

‘Reds still incorrigible in waging rebellion more than half a century after’

Still incorrigible more than half a century after, the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), commemorating its 55th year anniversary Tuesday, vowed to be more persistent in waging an armed revolution. In the 18-page statement with 13,800+ words, published in English and Pilipino, of the CPP entitled: Rectify errors and strengthen the Party! Unite and lead the broad masses of the
Filipino people in fighting the US-Marcos regime! Advance the people’s democratic revolution!”, its Central Committee outlined in four parts the CPP’s existing world view and tasks of its members including its armed wing—the New Peoples Army.

The first part, “Imperialist crisis leading to deteriorating conditions and wars” lays down the CPP Central Committee’s analysis of the international situation and “exposes the roots of the prolonged stagnation of the international capitalist system and how this leads conflicts and wars,” CPP Central Committee information officer Marco Valbuena said.

The second part being, the “Acute crisis of the semicolonial and semifeudal system continues to generate steadily rising resistance,” discusses CPP’s analysis of the national or domestic situation (in the country) while it “exposes the lies of the Marcos regime that obscure the state of the economy, rising conflicts among the ruling class elite, and heightened state terrorism, and how people are responding with rising protests and other forms of resistance to defend their rights.”

The third part is the CPP’s “achievements and current selfcritical assessment” where it discusses both the achievements and errors which has marked the (CPP’s) work during the past years. It is mainly a self-critical assessment that identifies subjectivist errors that have lead to errors and weaknesses that have impeded the growth of the revolutionary movement or resulted in losses, Valbuena admitted.

The last part, “IV. Urgent and critical tasks for strengthening the Party and advancing the people’s democratic revolution” issues the call for a rectification movement to strengthen the Party ideologically, politically and organizationally on the basis of Marxism-LeninismMaoism and the theory of the Philippine revolution as contained in the writings of Jose Maria Sison, Valbuena
explained. The CPP also outlined its tact to “to strengthen the New People’s Army (NPA) and the
revolutionary armed struggle, and carry forward the revolutionary mass movement, and the people’s struggles against the US-Marcos regime.”

Valbuena further explained that under the “Comprehensively carry forward the revolution,” the CPP Central Committee named the following tasks ahead as: a) Lead the antifascist, antiimperialist and antifeudal struggles of the broad masses of the Filipino people against the US-Marcos regime;
b) Strengthen the New People’s Army, recover from losses and rebuild the mass base; c) Strengthen and expand the revolutionary mass movement in the countryside; d) Strengthen the revolutionary
mass movement in the cities; e) Build the broadest antifascist, anti-imperialist and antifeudal united front against the USMarcos regime; f) Strengthen our international revolutionary work

The CPP Central Committee sees that next year, “(the revolutionary movement) focus on exposing and fighting the economic policies and programs being promoted by US imperialism through the
World Bank and International Monetary Fund and their allied financial institutions such as Japan’s Asian Development Bank, which invariably trample on the socioeconomic rights, cause widespread
dispossession, loss of income and livelihood and economic dislocation.”

(The CPP) shall continue “(exposing and opposing) US military intervention and increasing US military presence in the Philippines, construction of more US military facilities, which the US is using as launching pad for its push to strengthen US hegemony in the region by containing the rising economic and military strength of China, and heightening provocations against its
imperialist rivals, thus increasing the risk of the Philippines being dragged into an inter-imperialist war.”

Artemio A. Dumlao/ABN

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