Apayao Active COVID19 Cases Rises To 7

BAGUIO CITY (June 14, 2020) – COVID19 cases in Apayao province climbed up to 7 Sunday after the sudden rise from only 2 since Friday afternoon.
The recent case in Apayao is a 37-year old male (8th case) from Flora town.  He is the first case in that town.
Before noon Friday, Apayao Governor Eleanor Bulut-Begtang reported two cases —  both male, aged 27 and 82 and from Pudtol and Santa Marcela towns and both in stable conditions.
But Friday late afternoon, the health department confirmed four more positive cases – two from Luna and other two from Santa Marcela.
Luna, Santa Marcela and Pudtol towns were earlier placed under temporary lockdown after the discovery of the cases, Begtang said, and adding Flora town Sumday
Before noon, two new COVID-19 positive cases were recorded – one each from Pudtol and Santa Marcela towns.
Apayao’s first COVID19 patient was discharged from the hospital on June 3, a 28-year old female health worker who tested negative on her second swab test. 
Hospital officials at the Cagayan District Hospital where she was brought attributed the immediate status turn-around of the patient from her healthy status and high immune system despite being pregnant.
Conner, the hometown of the female health worker, was placed on two-week lockdown that ends next week.
Artemio A. Dumlao

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