DA’s KADIWA to deliver food items to LGUs

To sustain food security amid the Covid-19, the agriculture department has forged strong partnership with local government units (LGUs) through the so called Kadiwa. Based on a press release issued by DA on March 18, the DA’s Distribution and Marketing System, a two-mode KADIWA ni Ani at Kita, where DA will find suppliers to the food requirements of the residents of areas affected by the imposed Luzon-wide quarantine.
DA Assistant Secretary Kristine Evangelista explained that the initiative aims to provide cities and municipalities food supplies, based on the specific food requirement and volume as identified by the LGUs.
Evangelista added that the LGUs will have the option to deliver the food items thru an order system, meaning there will be little interaction between the LGUs and the consumers.
“This strategy will minimize human interaction and the possibility of spreading the corona virus,” she added.
The DA, as the agency mandated to ensure sufficient supply and efficient delivery of food items, will find a source for different agri-fishery products and link it with the LGUs.
Once an agreement is made, the two parties with undertake the new KADIWA distribution scheme. Under mode 1, DA will facilitate the linkage of LGUs to food producers, as well as the delivery of identified products.
The LGUs, for their part will sort and pack the items, and deliver to the households. It is to be recalled that Kadiwa (distribution system) was created by Former Imelda Marcos,mainly to bring down the prices of basic consumer goods such as food and allow poor families to have an access.
Food lane application ongoing
In other development, food producers, manufacturers, traders and importers have started lining up at the Department of Agriculture (DA) Central Office in Quezon City as DA steps-up the processing of application for Foodlane Accreditation.
This level-up move aims to maintain the unhampered and unimpeded delivery of food and other agricultural commodities in the middle of the enforcement of the enhanced community quarantine in Luzon.
DA/Primo Agatep/ABN

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