Introducing European Luxury and Unparalleled Comfort to Luzon’s Transportation Pasay City,
October 13, 2023- Victory Liner, the pioneer in Luzon’s bus transportation services, proudly commemorates its 78th anniversary by unveiling a groundbreaking addition to the history of travel in Luzon. Welcome to the “Royal” classa true testament to luxury and safety. As its brings European
standards to the heart of the Philippines. Marivic Del Pilar, President of Victory Liner, states, “We
thought about launching a Royal class bus line and spring back from the pandemic with a bang.

Traveler’s theses days are more discerning. We asked them what they want and what their dream road t rip is like. And we came up with this Royal class edition in class of its own. The Royal Class bus line by Victory Liner features Best in Class Volvo B8R bus coaches, powered by the latest Volvo D-8 engine, renowned for its efficiency. Each bus boasts 28 passengers’ suites and one crew bed. Passengers can enjoy an amenity kit, individual airconditioned vents, room’s lamps, and premium leather beds with footrests. Moreover each suite has its very own USB and C-charging ports.

What sets this Royal class apart is its cutting edge safety features, including Volvo’s Electronic Stability Program (ESP). This technology proactively prevents skidding and loss of control by
monitoring vehicle speed, steering angles, and wheel speeds. In case of instability, the ESP atomically applies brakes to specific wheels and adjusts engine power to ensure the driver maintains control, ensuring not only comfort but paramount safety on every journey. Del Pilar adds, ‘I belong to the 3rd generation of people running our family business.

The launch of this Royal class line symbolizes the evolution of Victory Liner. Innovation is key for the survival of a business that spans generations; many of our valued passengers are also grandchildren of people who have preferred riding Victory Liner through the years. Our passengers are always clamoring for something new and exiting. With Victory’s Royal Bus line, trips to Baguio and Cagayan become both effortless and unforgettable. The Royal bus fleet features automatic transmissions, enabling bus drivers to focus solely on the road, reducing the risk of distractions and
enhancing their ability to respond to potential hazards.

Additionally the Royal buses are equipped with hill-start assist features, minimizing jerking during gears shifts and contributing to a stable and comfortable ride for our passengers. Smooth gear
changes also help maintain traction and stability, particularly during acceleration or deceleration. It also has an artificial intelligence emergency alert system for driver fatigue symptoms. The company’s head office is immediately alerted when the eyes of the driver show signs of sleepiness;
the driver is yawning too much, or behaving in an irregular manner.

“The Royal Class bus truly stands in class of its own. Embark on long journeys and disembark feeling rejuvenated and pampered. Experience the luxury and confidence that come in riding in the pinnacle of the bus travel. We invite you to try our Royal class bus and feel the difference, “de; Pilar adds. Raul Ecaldre, Marketing Head Victory Liner emphasizes that Royal class offers customers a unique and desirable travel experience. Victory Liner has redefined the commuter experience, setting a new standard in premium travel.

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