He was expecting an old Underwood (typewriter), but what arrived inside a bag was what he usually likes. Thanks to University of the Philippines Baguio professor LA Piluden who pestered him to open the package deposited at a chair beside her at Luisa’s Cafe last Tuesday night, Frank Cimatu found out that it is not the typewriter he ordered via Facebook but books. But not the books he like, not even close to Physics, which he majored in but old textbooks on marketing. Some are even torn, some are with molds, most are 2014 and the oldest dated 2004.
They were stuffed inside a bag and covered with an ecobag, apparently done in a hurry so that it’s owner could rid of it and even earn a little. Cimatu then called the rider, who was about to leave but promptly returned the PhP1,500 the long time journalist and poet paid when he saw the content of the package. “I already paid for those books,” he said but was gracious enough to return the money. Cimatu then called the seller who said that it was left behind by a former tenant and thinking that it was a typewriter, she had it sold online when she saw the writer’s Facebook post that he is looking for an old typewriter.
“It was just left behind and I knew it was an old typewriter,” said the seller. “You have to return the money the rider paid you, you messed with the wrong person,” said the two time Palanca awardee with a smile. Cimatu was aiming to have sculptor Kigao Rosimo use it for a work to be displayed in the 5th Ibagtit Exhibit on February 29 at the Luisa’s Cafe. In fact, Rosimo has already molded the hands of Cimatu which will be incorporated with the typewriter earlier that night.
Pigeon Lobien
Amianan Balita Ngayon