What makes quality education

During the past decades, much has been done in the name of quality education. Quality Education is one of the key thrusts of the Department of Education today that elementary and secondary education was made free, compulsorily and available for all learners in all nations. Our department has a continuous improvement scheme that comes up with projects and improvements that focus on any or all dimensions of our educational system. However, it is teaching and learning process that brings the curriculum to life that determines what happens in the classroom and subsequently the quality of the learning outcomes.
Obtaining quality education is one of the grounds for improving the development of one’s country; it is also a stepping stone to successful quality lives of families.
It is also one of the ways in sustaining the development goals of every country. When people in a country get quality education, they can stop the cycle of poverty and ignorance. It is a way of eliminating inequalities; an approach of empowering people in very nation. Proper and quality education is vital in promoting open-mindedness and contributes to a more diplomatic and peaceful society.
There are some who argue that the threshold of quality education is met by focusing only on literacy and numeracy. Nevertheless, education is not simply a content delivery system. Rather, it is a system designed to help all children reach their full potential and enter society as full and productive citizens.
In conclusion, an organization that focuses on quality education permits children to advance and raise school atmosphere that is caring and at the same time challenging. This, in return, nurtures learners to become self-confident, have good self-esteem and willing to strive forward yet at the same time feel a sense of responsibility towards others, to their self, family, community and a larger world. So that all schools, whether public or private, can be such places where learners can develop their full potential to learn and grow together.

By: Marina Tabangcura, School Division Office, Baguio City

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