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Multi-level parking in Baguio, Yes or No?

Residents of Baguio and tourists, this is your time to share your thoughts on this issue. City Councilor Ma. Mylen Victoria Yaranon said No to proposed mall and hotel with 1300 parking space at the old Baguio Auditorium. But the proposed parking adopted on the Burnham Park Development Master Plan from the University of the […]

Approved ordinances in LT

One approved ordinance in La Trinidad is the “Strengthening sustaining the Day Care Center Program of the Municipality of La Trinidad”. Councilor Roderick Awingan said that this is based on the Early Childhood Care and Development or otherwise known as the R.A. 10410 “The Early Years Act of 2013” as the responsible of the Local […]

What Municipal of Tuba can offer?

One of the 13 municipalities of Benguet is Tuba. Some people  think that it is only the in and out of going to the City of Baguio and Lowlands. But do you know that the municipality of Tuba has so much to offer to tourists who are looking for adventure?

Reso and Ordi

In observance of March as Fire Prevention Month, La Trinidad respectfully requests the office of Department of Interior and Local Government to include the municipality as one of the recipients of one unit fire truck for municipality’s efficiency to respond to fire related emergency situations sponsored by Vice Mayor Joey Marrero.

Happy Women’s Month

Hello iKit, it is the celebration of Women’s Month this March; commemorating the importance of women in our society with its hash tag “Women Make Change”. The world is dominated by women in terms of population. However, when it comes to status, men are still superior. Do you believe so? But we cannot deny that […]

Strawberry forever?

Strawberry Festival in La Trinidad is just around the corner. Soon enough you will see different kinds of product made up of this sweet red fruit. One example is the famous strawberry wine, but do you know that there are rumours that some of the strawberry wines being sold are fake? What do I mean? […]

The Ten Cordinanments

Tourism is a bloodstream of a province or a city just like an advertisement is a bloodstream of the three power house for promotions: radio, print, and television. With Baguio City staging its 23rd Panagbenga highlights, and the Strawberry Festival in a close municipality with a 15-minute ride without traffic congestion from B.C., there will […]

Reaching the peak needs patience

Hiking is one way of taking your stress away aside from beautification, shopping and travelling. I and some of my friends from church went to Sitio Sta. Fe Brgy. Ampucao Itogon, Benguet last Feb. 12, Monday. Their registration fee from 13 to 17 year olds is P20 per head while 18 years old to 59 […]

Love is coffee

A lot of people drink coffee for different reason. Some drinks coffee for a better digestion, to be fully awake and alert, a good combination for your breakfast, merienda and a good discussion on the side. No one can take away Coffee in some peoples live for it is a part of their everyday routine. […]

Push tourist code

We have heard, read and seen information on tourists who got lost, irresponsible cooking that burned one part of a mountain recently, a tourist who complains on product and hotels over-pricing and traffic, a resident who embark on strict implementation on entrance of a certain tourist spot, garbage and parking fee.

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